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Transaction notes display

Transaction notes display

  1. There may be slight errors in the basic size of the doll depending on the measurement method.
  2. The images of each doll are taken by a professional photographer and may differ slightly from the real thing. Please contact us so that you can check the actual image of the product during the transaction.
  3. The manufacturers of each brand are mainly located in China, and delivery is basically handled as international shipping. If you are unable to receive your item in a timely manner due to local customs or other uncertain delays (holidays/events), please contact us immediately.
  4. Additionally, orders cannot be canceled after 24 hours after production and shipping have been arranged.


1) Do not damage or hit the doll with sharp objects.

2) Please wash the doll with lathered soap or neutral detergent after each use. Remove the head and wash it separately (be careful not to let moisture get into the metal parts). After cleaning, wipe it with a towel and apply baby powder. Do not use a hair dryer.

3) Please cover the doll with cloth to keep it clean.

4) If you do not use the doll for a long time, please keep it clean and apply baby powder.