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Yearndoll, Sanmudoll Sales Promotion

Dear Yearndoll Sales Promotion, Thank you for your continued support. Thank you very much for your continued support. In order to let more customers know the wonders of our love dolls, we will start a special purchase campaign for love dolls from yearndoll related brands from June 20th.
Target products: YearnDOLL, SanmuDoll group purchase campaign (Japan stock items and individual heads are not eligible).
*Campaign period: June 20th to July 31st.
How to deal with it: When checking out, we automatically apply discounts based on the time of purchase, which is very convenient.
Period 1: June 20th to June 30th, 20,000 yen discount on Yearndoll products, 16,000 yen discount on Sannmudoll products Period ➁: July 1st to July 15th, 18,000 yen discount on Yearndoll products, 14,000 yen discount on Sannmudoll products Period ③: July 16th to July 31st Yearndoll products 16,000 yen discount, Sannmudoll products 12,000 yen discount

*Once we receive your order, we will begin manufacturing the doll immediately. *If delivery is delayed or a defect occurs, we will exchange the product or refund it. Refunds are not possible unless there are special reasons.
Purpose: We are putting effort into improvement activities so that all customers can purchase high-quality, high-class sex dolls at low prices. We are working hard every day to purchase as many love dolls as possible from our customers by centralizing material procurement through centralized production and reducing material costs.