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Shipping policy

About delivery date and delivery

[Delivery area]

Basically, it is only available within Japan. We can also ship overseas. If you are an overseas customer and would like to purchase, please contact us by email.

[Flow from completion of order procedure to pick-up]

After receiving your order and completing payment procedures, it will take approximately 8 to 30 days (depending on the brand).

① [Ordering] For customized products, we will order the doll with the desired customization details.

② [Manufacturing] Manufactured at the factory. TPE dolls can be completed in about 10 days. Silicone dolls take longer to manufacture than TPE dolls, and the production period may be extended depending on the order status of the factory, so if you are in a hurry, please contact us.

③ [Completed image] Once the doll is completed, we will send the completed image to your registered email address. After receiving your confirmation, we will arrange for shipping from the factory. In order to deliver the item as quickly as possible, if we do not receive a confirmation reply within 24 hours, we will arrange for the item to be shipped from the factory with the completed image intact.

④ [International Mail] Your ordered product will be delivered from our factory in China by international mail Sagawa. It usually takes about a week. There may be some delays due to weather, customs clearance, etc.

⑤ [Delivery of stock items] We will explain when ordering items in stock in Japan. If you order before 12:00 on the same day Japan time, we will ship it at 2:00 p.m. on the same day. If it is after 12:00, it will be shipped tomorrow. If we meet on a break day, shipping will be extended.

⑥ [Delivery date and time specified & Domestic shipping] Once the inspection process is complete, we will ask you the desired delivery date and time by email. At that time, you can specify the delivery date and time. Domestic shipment will be made on the date and time specified by you. We will notify you of the tracking number after shipping. The contents are hidden and the item name will be "furniture". The sender is the individual name of the person in charge.

[About shipping charges]
At Cosdoll, we currently offer free shipping throughout Japan as a token of our gratitude to our customers.

[About sales offices and local delivery]

If you write "○○ delivery location" in the notes section of the order form, we can also arrange for delivery to that location.

After the product is delivered, we will share the tracking number with you, so you can pick up the product directly at the nearest Sagawa Express designated office.

[About packing method]
Regarding packaging methods, problems during delivery are common. In case of damage, communication with the delivery company regarding insurance etc. takes a lot of effort and time. To avoid this problem, we double-pack the items using reinforced cardboard and Styrofoam inside. Also, even if a family member accidentally opens the doll, they will not be noticed because the doll is wrapped in a blanket.

【Regarding delivery】
■ In the case of Sagawa Express

It is possible to specify the delivery time zone. To specify the "Delivery time zone", please select the most convenient time for receiving your order from the 7 time zones below.

Delivery time (7 time zones)

Morning (8:00-12:00)







*Due to Sagawa Express' collection/delivery area, we may not be able to accept specific time slots in some areas.

*We do not ship to Islamic countries such as Afghanistan, Pakistan, Jordan, Libya, Kosovo, Iraq, and Myanmar.