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COSDOLL ラブドール 正規販売店

Ai-Mi Doll 発表について:詳しく見るこちらへ
Yearndoll 2023年11月03~05日 第25回全国(広州)性文化、成人用品、保健品博覧会:詳しく見るこちらへ
割引内容: 1割引き(10% OFF)、追加一つシリコンヘッド(50%OFF)、口腔加熱無料、自立無料、ゼリー胸無料
本日からCosdoll キャンペーン開始になりました、1割引き(10% OFF)
機能展示ページ(展示のみ): 詳しく見るこちらへ


本物皮膚メイク&口開閉&模擬口腔 | 安全性、技術革新、スーパーバリュー


ヘッドカスタマイズを開始!世界で唯一のヘッドを、ご提供いたします! カスタマイズサービスに関する説明お客様からの多数の要望にお応えし、Cosdollは、世界で唯一のヘッド製品を、ご提供いたします。 当社にはドール開発において設計チームがあり、お客様の希望する顔のヘッド定期をいたします。画像などを提供していただければ、情報に基づいてお客様の望むドールのヘッドを提供いたします。そのドールは世界で唯一無二の存在となり、あなただけを癒してくれる大切な存在となるでしょう。
詳しく見る こちらへ


詳しく見る こちらへ

List of articles

September 26, 2023 Announcement of the release of COSDOLL brand new model
In order to match the electric function and body, several new shapes have been added to the cosdoll.
The model numbers and products that can be equipped with electric functions are as follows.For details, please see the COSDOLL homepage:
August 27, 2023 Yearndoll Hall Cleaner will be provided free of charge
Thank you to all our customers for using COSDOLL.
Starting today, if you purchase a Yearndoll or sanmudoll product {heads not included} Yearndoll Hole Cleaner Love Doll Only Cleaning & lower body cleaning, disinfection, and drying will be provided free of charge Sale time: August 28th to September 31st That's all, thank you very much.
August 15, 2023 Hong Kong International Adult Exhibition Notice

Thank you very much for your continued support.
Well, our stores Yearndoll and Sanmudoll will be exhibiting at the "Hong Kong International Adult Exhibition" to be held in Hong Kong on August 29, 2023. This exhibition will introduce the latest features of Yearndoll and Sanmudoll brand products.
If you place an order at the exhibition on the same day, we will provide you with a special discount service, and if you purchase the exhibition products at the exhibition,
We will be selling it at an overwhelmingly low price, so please take advantage of this opportunity.
We apologize for the inconvenience, but we look forward to your visit.

(We will repost the warm-up video before participating in the exhibition, so we would like to solicit in advance the contents of interest from everyone.)

Exhibited products: YearnDOLL, SanmuDoll brand Exhibition period: August 29th to August 31st.
Exhibition booth: B48

August 2, 2023 August promotion announcement
Thank you to all our customers for using COSDOLL. We would like to inform you of the details of our August promotion.

Applicable products: All YearnDOLL and SanmuDoll brand products (heads alone are not eligible)
Implementation period: August 1st to August 31st.
Discount amount: 10% off (10% OFF)
How to deal with it: When checking out, we automatically apply discounts based on the time of purchase, which is very convenient.