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Second generation love doll suction function explanation

Mar 20,2023 | Cosdoll

Second generation love doll suction function explanation


The quality of love dolls has greatly improved since their birth.In particular, the parts that correspond to the skin are made of silicone, etc., making it possible to create real dolls whose feel and shape are close to those of real women, while dolls also have more functions. For example, it is equipped with a heating function to maintain a certain "body temperature" within a certain period of time, giving you the euphoric feeling of hugging Masato! In addition, we have an electric butt function and an electric oral function, so I think it is definitely worth it for customers to experience the realistic stimulation of a love doll, but be brave and try it.

Further improvements to the first generation product:

Can more functions be added? Can customers enjoy it more? With this awareness of improvement, we started developing the suction function, tested it, and improved upon the problems, and finally succeeded in developing the first generation suction function device, which was a breakthrough revolution in the doll industry. Bringing good news to real doll lovers, since its release in January 2022, it has sold well and received good reviews from many customers.

Introduction of suction function (first generation product)

Product introduction:

① Built-in device, only the operation buttons are exposed (it looks like the photo below)

➁The battery is a button type and cannot be recharged (it will run out of use for about half a year, and the corresponding function will disappear)

Further improvements to the first generation product:

There is no end to improvements, is there any room for further improvements to the first generation product?

After careful consideration, we identified the following five issues and made continuous improvements.

① The device is easy to break (operation buttons and joints)

➁Cannot select suction power (only one pattern available)

③ Unable to take a shower (built-in type, no waterproof function)

④Short service life (button batteries cannot be used disposable or recycled)

⑤Cannot be repaired (The device is internal, and once it breaks, it cannot be repaired and the suction function will be lost)

Introduction of suction function (second generation product)


① The suction device is installed externally, easy to operate, and does not affect the shape of the love doll.

Almost invisible as shown below

➁You can select the suction function (weak → medium → strong, 3 patterns selectable)

③ You can take a shower (with waterproof function)

④ Long service life (equipped with a 5-volt rechargeable battery, can be used repeatedly)

⑤Can be pronounced (4 types of pronunciation possible including Japanese)

⑥Since the suction device is installed externally, it is easy to replace if it breaks and the suction function can be maintained.


① Pronunciation method:

Since the device is installed externally, there is no chip inside the doll.

Every time I touch it, I can't make a sound, so I have to constantly make sounds from an external device.

Precautions explanation (second generation product)

Topic content:

1. Precautions when bathing:

When showering with your love doll, you should close the doll's piping with a plug to prevent water from seeping in. After cleaning, connect the doll's piping to the suction device's piping.

2. Love doll selection:

Height: 100cm to 148cm (fold diameter around 5.0cm, pussy depth 13cm)

Height: 148cm to 170cm (fold diameter around 6.2cm, pussy depth 16cm)

Device operating instructions:

①Press the left button for 1.5 seconds to turn on the light, turn on the device and make a female moan sound.Press again to select the Japanese pronunciation, double-click to turn it off.②Click the "M" button on the right. The suction device can be activated by pressing the button, and 3 patterns can be switched. ③ Charging: While charging, each function is stopped, the charging lamp flashes, and the charging completion lamp lights up.

After-sales service

Suction device replacement:

If the suction device breaks within six months of purchasing the doll, it can be replaced free of charge (as long as it deteriorates naturally), but you will need to purchase it for a fee of 5,000 yen.


Apr 04,2023