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Yearndoll ホール洗浄器 ラブドール専用 洗浄&下半身洗浄・消毒・乾燥
Yearndoll ホール洗浄器 ラブドール専用 洗浄&下半身洗浄・消毒・乾燥
Yearndoll ホール洗浄器 ラブドール専用 洗浄&下半身洗浄・消毒・乾燥
Yearndoll ホール洗浄器 ラブドール専用 洗浄&下半身洗浄・消毒・乾燥
Yearndoll ホール洗浄器 ラブドール専用 洗浄&下半身洗浄・消毒・乾燥
Yearndoll ホール洗浄器 ラブドール専用 洗浄&下半身洗浄・消毒・乾燥

Yearndoll Hall Cleaner for Love Dolls Cleaning & Lower Body Cleaning/Disinfection/Drying

●[Packaging contents]: 1 automatic washer, 1 powered sterilization rod, 2 water absorption rods, instructions, charging wire, suction hose, no drugs or cleaning fluids, and is provided non-sterile.
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Love doll cleaning product instructions

Warning: This product is a silicone love doll vagina cleaning device and is prohibited to be used for human body cleaning. Sterilization lamps are harmful to the human body and can only be used to sterilize the inside of the sex doll's vagina, and the light source leaked during use is harmful to the human body and animals and plants. There is no problem as long as you shield the light source and do not directly irradiate the human body, animals or plants.

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[Product name] : Love doll cleaning set

[Model specifications] : LLD-G 001,

[Packaging contents] : 1 automatic washer, 1 powered sterilization rod, 2 water absorbing rods, instructions, charging cable, suction hose, no drugs or cleaning fluids, and is provided non-sterile.

[Scope of application] : Used for vaginal cleaning and disinfection sterilization after using the love doll.

[Applicable to] : Love doll owners

[Product features] :

Before use, simply insert the rotary rod into the washer body and press down in accordance with the uneven notches. Pull it out vertically after use.

1.Press the button on the product for 2 seconds to turn on the power, and if the electricity lamp flashes after turning on the power, it indicates a lack of power, so please charge the product before use.

2. When charging, simply attach the magnetic end of the charging cable to the two metal points on the product handle, and insert the USB end into the mobile phone charger. Charging voltage 5 V, current 500 mA, battery capacity 1200 mAh, battery voltage 3.7 V, it will be full after receiving power for about 3 hours.

3. Once charged, it can standby for 8 months and can be used about 50 times. Please store the charging cable properly as it will not be charged often.

4. If the button is damaged or there is water intrusion phenomenon, please stop using it immediately.

5.If you turn it on and don't use it, it will automatically turn off after 3 minutes.

6. When the water temperature exceeds 40 degrees, the water temperature lamp will change from a green light to a red light. There will be a delay in the temperature display, so please use the sensible temperature as the standard.

7. After pressing the cleaning button, the timer will start counting, a red light will be displayed within 1 minute, and after washing for more than 1 minute, it will change to a green light, and it will automatically stop after washing for 1 minute.

8. Press the button under the product for the first time, the product will start the pumping cleaning mode, press the second time to turn on the rotation function, and automatically stop after a total of 65 seconds in forward and reverse directions, press the third time to turn on the pumping and rotation function. will stop.

9.Long press the button under the product, the product will enter manual mode, the product will work all the time, and stop working when you release the button. (When the power is turned on, the noise is loud when water is not being inhaled, and the noise after water inhalation is small)

10. Before using the sterilization rod, please prepare a (type_c) interface mobile phone charging cable, and the USB end can be used with a mobile battery or mobile phone to input a voltage of 5V.

11. First, insert the sterilizing lamp glass part into the sex doll's vagina. Then, turn on the sterilizing lamp. After turning on the sterilizing lamp, turn on the sterilizing lamp directly and start sterilizing.

12. The sterilization lamp is ultraviolet disinfection sterilization, and the effect of sterilization and disinfection will be achieved 30 minutes after lighting the sterilization lamp.

13. When using a sterilization lamp, a temperature of around 40 degrees will be generated inside the sex doll's vagina, and even if you use the sex doll as soon as the sterilization is completed, no side effects will occur on the body.

14. Once sterilization is complete, turn off the power and remove the sterilization stick from inside the vagina.

15. After sterilization, use a water-absorbing stick and insert it into the vagina to suck up excess water inside the vagina.

16. The water absorption stick can be used repeatedly. If you want to use it repeatedly, just take out the water absorption stick that has absorbed water and let it dry naturally.

[Contraindications, precautions, warnings and presentation explanations] :

1. All products in this set are prohibited for use on the human body.

2. If the vagina is dry, please use human body lubricant, otherwise it may not be possible to rotate.

3.Please use domestic drinking water when using. (Bottled pure water or warm water is best) If the product inhales foreign matter, the product function will malfunction, and malfunctions due to the inhalation of foreign matter are not guaranteed. (For example, miscellaneous items include, but are not limited to, hair threads, lumps of limescale, etc.)

4. Bring a water container with you when using it, and we recommend a container capacity of 1.5 liters for each side.

5. The cleaning water temperature should not exceed 40℃, the temperature is only for reference, please use the sensible temperature as a standard, and be careful not to get burned. The maximum temperature resistance of the product pump is 80℃. Don't exceed it.

6. If any malfunction occurs while using the product, please stop using it immediately and contact customer service or after-sales service personnel immediately.

7. Prohibit direct irradiation of the human body, living animals and plants during use of sterilizing lamps.

8. The sterile stick transparent tube is a special glass tube, and it is strictly prohibited to hit it. If the glass tube bursts, please stop using it. Please be careful as the glass shards may cause personal injury.

9. After use, sometimes water collects in the vagina, you can insert a water-absorbing fiber rod.

[Ultraviolet sterilization principle]

Ultraviolet light mainly kills microorganisms (pathogens such as bacteria, viruses, spores, etc.) through its radiation damage and nucleic acid destruction function to achieve the purpose of disinfection. The action of ultraviolet light on nucleic acids can cause bond and strand breaks, cross-linking and the formation of photoproducts, etc., thereby altering the biological activity of DNA and preventing microorganisms from replicating themselves. Experiments have revealed that the odor inside a love doll's vagina disappears after sterilization. The sterilization efficiency of this sterilization rod is over 99.9%. After sterilization, even if the inside of the doll's vagina is moist, there will be no odor.

[Interpretation of product labels and packaging indications]

【how to use】:

1. Reserve hot water or cleaning solution in a container, insert the silicone hose into the bottom interface of the washer, and put the end of the gravity bulb into the water.

2. Check to see if the water temperature is appropriate, as the water that flows back up when rinsing can cause burns.

3. When cleaning, insert the rotating part of the cleaning device into the vagina of the love doll, then hold the vaginal cleaning device in your hand, take the handle, turn the silicone cleaning headband upward at a certain angle, and insert the silicone cleaning head into the vagina. The device is inserted into the vagina according to the mouth, and then the cleaning switch is pressed, and the device first sucks water and then rotates again. The rinse was completed in a total of 65 seconds by rinsing clockwise and counterclockwise.

[Product storage and maintenance method]:

1. After use, if the straw does not come into contact with water, turn on the power and start draining, and after draining the water, remove the straw and store it.

2. Silicone parts are usually cleaned using toothpaste, then purchase medical alcohol and spray on the silicone parts to sterilize and disinfect them.

3. Although the product has a waterproof design, it is prohibited to fill the whole machine with water or boil the water of the whole machine.

4.The product uses ultrasonic sealing technology, so there is a possibility that the main body will be damaged if dropped and water may penetrate.

5. After use, dry it and store it in a storage bag, and before storing it for a long time, gently shake the excess water in the tube to remove it and then dry it.