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Membership system

Membership system

Integral acquisition mechanism:
1. Customers will earn points after successfully placing an order (points will be issued automatically after payment is completed), and customers can earn 200 points for every JP¥10,000 spent.
2. Customers can earn 1,000 points after successfully booking a subscription in our store.
3. We will give you 1,000 points on the day of your birthday.

Integral conversion mechanism:
Purchase orders can be used for up to JP¥10,000, and JP¥1 will be deducted for each loading point;
Maximum number of points that can be used for a single item: 20,000 points (limited deduction amount for 1 item: JP ¥20,000);
Points can be used for products in stock at Japan Warehouse (no limit on deduction amount) and can be exchanged by contacting customer service;

Recommended mechanism:
If you recommend a customer and place a successful order, the inviter and the invited person will each receive 2,000 points;
Customers can share the link on social media such as twitter, ins, and email;

How shopping money works:
If the customer wants a refund, we can discuss with the customer and adopt a method of returning the purchase amount to the customer's account, and the customer can enjoy significant preferential rights when placing an order next time.

If you have previously used, please log in to your account and check your points. Points can be used to deduct the amount, so we welcome your next order.